McGilvra Elementary


School Policies

General School Policies


All students are expected to eat either the school lunch or one brought from home, in the lunchroom. You may make payments to your student’s lunch account before school in the lunchroom. Please make checks payable to Nutrition Services. In addition, an on-line system is available to make payments to your student’s lunch account. Applications for free and reduced lunch were mailed home in August. Additional forms are available from the lunchroom manager. A new form is needed each year. Please note that free/reduced lunch numbers are used to determine budget allocations. The higher the number, the more money allotted to the school budget. If you think you qualify, even if you don’t intend to purchase school lunches, please apply so that our number can be at a maximum.


If you need to take your child out of school before the regular dismissal time you, must come to the office and sign your child out on the Early Dismissal Sign-Out Sheet in the notebook located on the front counter. After you have signed your child out, the office staff ill call the classroom for your child to meet you in the office. A student will not be allowed to walk home alone before the regular dismissal time. Please speak with the principal if you need further clarification on this procedure. Visit Seattle Public Schools Culinary Services for more information.


It is necessary to limit student use of the telephone. Important/urgent messages will be communicated to a student. Please do not use school classroom/office time to arrange play dates. When traffic or various other circumstances cause parents to be delayed in picking up their child, first call your child’s room. If you get voice mail, call the office to report the delay or change, as voice mail may not be checked in time. Use of cell phones on campus by students is not allowed, as phones are readily available in classrooms and the office for any reasonably necessary use. If students have cell phones in their possession, the phone must be turned off during school hours.


When a child is not feeling well enough to participate fully in the regular school program, he/she is advised to stay home. A child returning after any absence should bring a written note if his/her parent did not call the school and report the child absent. Parents are required to notify the school if their child will be absent so that we can be sure your child is safe. Please call the office directly to report an absence by calling 252-3164 . Each day after attendance is taken in the classroom, we will call the home of students who are absent but whose parents have not yet notified the school, to make sure all of our students are accounted for and safe. It helps us tremendously if you call the school to let us know of your child’s absence prior to the first bell at 9:20 a.m. Please be sure the school office always has your current telephone numbers, including work and emergency phone numbers. If your child is late for school, please call or send a note telling us that you are aware of the tardiness. Please schedule trips, vacations and other extended absences to take place during school breaks and not while classes are in session.

Instrumental Music Classes

An instructional program in instrumental music is available to 4th and 5th grade students. There is no cost for the instruction and some instruments are available to students on loan. The instrumental music teacher will provide more information to 4th and 5th grade parents within the first few weeks of school.

Parties at School

Please check with your child’s teacher before planning any school birthday party. Parents are asked to mail private party invitations rather than distribute them at school .

Progress Reports

Student progress reports are issued 3 times per year. They are sent home with the students at the end of each trimester. Parents are asked to sign the report envelope and return it to school so we know that it was received. While valuable, the reports can’t substitute for personal contact with teacher and principal. Parents are encouraged to talk regularly with school staff.


There is one scheduled parent/teacher conference during the month of November. However, parents should feel free to confer with the school staff any time. Please make an appointment for these additional meetings directly with the teacher.

Preparation-Conference Planning Time (PCP)

Teachers receive a 30-minute period each day for instructional preparation, conference, and lesson planning. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers to discuss student concerns or plans during that time.