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    Parent Responsibilities

    Parenting is the most important job in the world. Our role as a school is to support you in the rearing of your child by providing a structured, purposeful learning and growth experience. We in turn depend on you, the parents, to be our partners in your child's education. Here are a few suggestions on how you as a parent can assure the best possible school experience for your child.
    • Be sure your child is at school on time every day.
    • Be sure your child is rested. Nine or ten hours of sleep is recommended.
    • Expect your child to deal with anger without verbal abuse or fighting.
    • Encourage reading
    • Check the homework assignment sheet your child brings home. Set aside a quiet time for doing homework and see that your child leaves home with it in the morning.
    • Be sure your child is prepared to work at school. He or she should have an organized notebook, pencil and paper, and a bag for carrying books.
    • Control TV watching. A maximum of two hours daily recommended.
    • Get to know your child's teacher and bring concerns in a timely manner. Compliments are appreciated, too.
    • Come to school! Volunteer!