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    The McGilvra Garden

    Students can join parent volunteers for work and fun in the McGilvra garden, located just west of the school soccer field, every Tuesday at their recess time.

    The Garden is 100% volunteer managed and run and is a fun and worthwhile part of the extracurricular activities available to McGilvra students. The objective of the garden is to provide an area for the children to get their hands dirty. They can learn about the environment in general, and gardening in particular.

    We grow vegetables and flowers all year round, host garden-specific events such as the Spooky Garden at the Harvest Celebration, and offer a place each week for children to go during their recess. 

    Garden Recess is held each week in the garden, weather permitting, during normal school lunchtime recess from 11:25 to 12:25 (1 hour). During this time students are offered activities depending on the season and weather. For example this year we hope to offer weather and soil measurement, plant growth studies, planting starters and seeds, crop harvesting, garden maintenance and clean up, bird feeding and watching (birds permitting ;-) ).

    Work Parties are organized as needed. This is usually a ½-1 day event on the weekend where you, and if you like, your children, join together with the other members of the McGilvra school community to perform maintenance and cleanup in the garden that isn’t suitable for doing during Garden Recess.

    We cannot do this without volunteers like you! If you'd like to volunteer for garden recess or work parties, please contact Melissa Roque, the McGilvra Garden Coordinator.